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BuildingEnergy NYC 2019

Now in its seventh year, BuildingEnergy NYC is a conference designed by and for practitioners in the fields of high-performance building and design, energy efficiency, and renewable energy. The event brings together hundreds of professionals from across the industry to learn from and network with one another.The Northeast Sustainable Energy Associations’ (NESEA) BuildingEnergy NYC 2019 is a great showcase for solutions building electricifcation throughout the design and construction process of builidng.  For those of you who have attended our session: Tools for Electrification: EVs, Demand Response, Complete Air Barriers, and DHW, or met us at our booth, we thank you for your attendance.  If you missed our session, you can view our resources below, or contact us to learn more about creating a more sustainable future for NYC.

Highmark Line Card

You can view all of our current brands and technologies in a single, simple location.


Colmac Product Flyer

Learn more about the products and options available on Colmac Heat Pumps.


Electricification White Paper

Heat pumps are the only viable carbon-free solution for domestic water heating, and can help make NYC 80×50 goals a reality.


VAF Case Study

Designers of a high-rise condo in New York City’s Midtown area in need of a maintenance-free, NSF/ANSI 61-rated water filter.


Cornell Case Study

The Bloomberg Center at Cornell Tech sought to attain net-zero energy efficiency and LEED Platinum status.


Aermec Case Study

Lead how Aermec Modular Chillers solves the challenges of retro-fit projects.


SHARC Product Flyer

SHARC products provide a means to recover energy from wastewater byproduct.



NYS Clean Heat Program and Heat-Pump Incentives

NYS Clean Heat Program and Heat-Pump Incentives

NYS Clean Heat Program and Heat-Pump IncentivesSupporting NYS Heat-Pump IncentivesOur heat pumps are customized for each job. Contact us for specifications and more information:(212) 920-4878engineering@highmark.coContact-Us Form ⇒OVERVIEWEnabling Electrification via...

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