RenewAire Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems (DOAS)

Bolster Energy Efficiency via RenewAire DOAS With Energy Recovery

RenewAire Energy Recovery Ventilation

DOAS Decouples Outdoor Air & Boosts Energy Efficiency

Commercial buildings require outside air whenever a space is occupied to meet ventilation standards and maintain indoor air quality. Incoming ventilation and make-up air typically account for more than 80% of a building’s dehumidification load. Hence, decoupling outdoor air demand and interior load demand via Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems (DOAS) allows systems to operate independently to optimize operational efficiency.

Operational Efficiency is Bolstered With DOAS

DOAS uses separate equipment to condition all of the outdoor air brought into a building for ventilation, and delivers it to each occupied space—either directly or in conjunction with terminal or central HVAC units serving those same spaces. The terminal or central HVAC units are used to maintain space temperature.

DOAS Offers Many Benefits for All Building Types

There are many reasons to use DOAS. Some of the most common drivers are:

  • Improved humidity control
  • Ability to use heating and cooling systems that don’t provide ventilation and/or dehumidification (e.g., radiant panels, chilled beams, VRF)
  • Reduced installation costs
  • Decreased energy consumption
  • Simplified ventilation design and control
RenewAire DOAS with Energy Recovery

RenewAire DOAS With Energy Recovery is the Best Choice

RenewAire’s DOAS effectively conditions outdoor air with efficient and sustainable technology. By enabling HVAC units to operate independently, depending on building load, DOAS optimizes ventilation strategies, downsizes equipment, decreases capital costs and realizes significant operating savings. This is made possible via fixed-plate energy recovery, innovative cooling and heating features and hot-gas reheat.

Meeting Stringent Codes and Standards With RenewAire DOAS

RenewAire DOAS units utlize static-plate, enthalpy-core energy recovery. Specific codes within various regions do call for DOAS-type products to deliver 100% outside air to each occupied space. DOAS units incorporating energy recovery is a mandated feature for most code jurisdictions. ASHRAE standard 90.1 and IECC require a minimum of 50% of total effectiveness for the energy recovery component. Even when not mandated, it is one of the best ways to improve a building’s energy efficiency.

Key Benefits of RenewAire DOAS With Energy Recovery

  • Available in 500 to 4,250 CFM
  • Enhanced indoor air quality (IAQ)
  • Internal enthalpy-based bypass for 100% outdoor air (OA) economizer operation
  • 0% cross-contamination from exhaust airstream
  • High sensible and latent energy recovery
  • No freezing concerns for the energy recovery core

Available Options for RenewAire DOAS With Energy Recovery 

  • Indoor or outdoor construction
  • 1” or 2” double-wall panel construction
  • Factory-mounted controls
  • Cooling options: split DX, chilled water, heat pump
  • Heating options: electric with SCR control, gas-fired with electronic modulation, hot water, steam and heat pump
  • Hot gas reheat
  • 2” or 4” MERV 8, 13 or 14 pleated media filters
RenewAire DN Series DOAS With Integrated Refrigeration and Energy Recovery


DN Series

  • Split DOAS units with static-plate, total energy recovery
  • 375-4,950 CFM
  • Single-point connection, direct-drive EC fans, injected foam panels
  • Modular design
RenewAire DOAS DN2IN

DN Series with Integrated Refrigeration

  • Split DOAS units with static-plate, total energy recovery
  • Integrated refrigeration
  • 375-4,950 CFM
  • Brushless DC compressors
  • EC motors on all fans
  • Modular design
RenewAire DN Series DOAS Integrated Refrigeration

RD Series

  • Commercial DOAS units with static-plate, total energy recovery
  • Bypass
  • Optional coils
  • 500-4,250 CFM