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Passionate About Sustainability and Building Efficiency

Are you passionate about supporting sustainability via greater building efficiency? We certainly are. If you share this mentality, we invite you to view our Careers page and apply to join our building-efficiency journey.

Our Mission

The mission of HIGHMARK is to support sustainability, electrification, decarbonization and cost savings by making buildings more efficient.

Challenging the Status Quo

Since our founding, we’ve challenged the HVAC and engineering status quos to enhance building efficiency. Everything we do is different because it’s the most effective way to safeguard the environment and our clients’ bottom lines.

Unique Company Culture

Going against the grain dictates our mentality and company culture. Therefore, instead of making a person fit a job, we make the job fit around the person’s skills and interests. It’s a win-win for our team and business.



We’re on a journey to make buildings more sustainable and efficient. How is that possible? Since the start, we’ve done things differently. A key element is not relying on conventional norms or “the way it’s always been done.”

Best Building-Efficiency Technologies

What we do is search the world for the best building-efficiency technologies to support sustainability, electrification, decarbonization and cost savings. Once we find these innovative products, we bring them to New York City for implementation.

Distinct Approach in the Industry

The results? HIGHMARK’s experts are able to find the right technologies for every job, and we know what works and what doesn’t. Such a distinct approach has been our DNA since our founding. In fact, no one else does it like this in North America.

Sharing Our Knowledge

What’s more, we seek to share our knowledge with the industry. Consequently, we’re always crafting thought-leadership content for our peers. The more people know, the better for sustainability and efficiency.

The Journey Starts With Our Team

However, the only way to achieve our mission is to construct the right team. The company is growing and we need assistance in all areas. Join us on our journey!

NYC Lower Manhattan

Areas We’re Seeking

Presently, we’re seeking people with expertise in the below general areas, focusing on the HVAC and buildings industries. If you’re passionate about sustainability and efficient buildings, and have one of these backgrounds, please contact us via the below Careers form. And if the fit is right, we’ll craft a job around you.

HVAC Engineer

HVAC systems and technologies that optimize energy efficiency

Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical-engineering systems and technologies in the buildings industry

Electrical Engineer

Electrical-engineering systems and technologies in the buildings industry

Plumbing Engineer

Plumbing-engineering systems and technologies in the buildings industry

Sales Engineer

Sales eningeer in the HVAC and buildings industries

Service Technician

Service and maintenance of HVAC systems and technologies

Project Management

Project management in the HVAC and buildings industries

Accounting & Finance

Accounting and finance in the HVAC and buildings industries

Office Administration

Office administration in a fast-paced and growing company

Why We’re Different

Working at HIGHMARK isn’t just a job, it’s a career and lifestyle. As a team, we’re committed to serving a higher purpose: supporting sustainability via building efficiency. This makes us different from other companies. As such, we’ve created a unique work environment that’s differentiated by the below factors.

Building the Job Around You

Our first goal is to find great people. Once we do, we then build jobs around the specific talents and interests of our team members.

A Lot of Fun

It’s important to have fun while working. Accordingly, we have a dedicated Social Director who maximizes the good times for all.

Company Events

Every year, we organize a big-time holiday party. But that’s just the beginning since we get together often as a team.

Industry Learning

Learning is the name of the game. Thus, we encourage our team to attend educational events, lectures and seminars – all the time.


Senior Leadership Who Cares

The executive team is easy to access. Their doors are always open and they want to help team members as much as possible.

Living by Our Core Principles

Our core principles – organizational strengthen, accountability, expertise, authenticity – guide everything we do. This includes our culture.

Seeking the Better Way

We’re not like other companies that go along with conventional norms. We’re flexible and look for a better way to do business and to organize our team.

Custom-Built Office Space

We represent the best building-efficiency technologies in the world, which are incorporated into our office to create an optimal work space.

Get in Touch

If this sounds good to you, get in touch via the below Careers form. Please send us an overview of your background and include a link to your resume. Thanks for your interest in HIGHMARK, sustainability and building efficiency.

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