NYS Clean Heat Program and Heat-Pump Incentives

Supporting NYS Heat-Pump Incentives

NYS Clean Heat Program

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Enabling Electrification via Incentives

The NYS Clean Heat Statewide Heat Pump Program (“NYS Clean Heat Program”) is a collaboration between the New York electric utilities and NYSERDA. It will be implemented in coordination with several market-development initiatives. Consequently, the focus is to enable building electrification via heat-pump incentives in the form of rebates.

The program’s objectives are to:

  • Facilitate a transition away from fossil-fuel heating
  • Achieve statewide heat-pump goals and build a low-carbon market infrastructure
  • Build market capacity to deliver building-electrification solutions
  • Provide customers, contractors and heat-pump solution providers a consistent business environment
New York State is offering a variety of heat-pump incentives to enable building electrification

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We have all the heat pumps necessary for your commercial/industrial or multifamily job. Contact us to learn about significant heat-pump incentives in the NYS Clean Heat Program.

A Variety of Heat-Pump Incentives

Core to the program is the suite of incentives supporting adoption of heat pumps. Further, this is for cold-climate air source and ground-source systems, as well as their promotion and pricing by heat-pump solution providers. As such, key aspects include:

  • Incentives are for both Air-Source Heat Pumps (ASHPs) and Ground-Source Heat Pumps (GSHPs) for both space heating and cooling
  • Incentives are also for Heat-Pump Water Heaters (HPWHs) for domestic hot water (DHW)
  • The program focuses on fuel-switching from gas or oil to heat-pump heating
  • The heat-pump system cannot be solely cooling-focused
Aermec NRK Heat Pump
Colmac Heat Pump
SHARC Series Wastewater Energy Recovery
Petra DOAS PPH Air to Air Heat Pump for Space Heating

Eligibility for Incentives

Below are the requirements to participate in the program:

  • Must have an active Con Edison electric utility account (no gas utility account is needed)
  • The site must be occupied year-round (for new construction, owners must plan on year-round occupancy)
  • For new construction, the baseline heating fuel for space heating and DHW will be determined on a case-by-case basis
  • Heat pumps must be designed to provide domestic and service hot-water heating and/or both space heating and cooling (heat pumps used primarily for space cooling are ineligible)
  • Heat-pump projects are eligible for incentives no matter which heating fuel (e.g., fuel oil, natural gas, propane, biomass, district steam or electricity) buildings are either transitioning from in retrofits or declining to include in new construction
Con Edison is one of the New York State utilities providing a variety of heat-pump incentives, including for commercial/industrial and multifamily buildings


Heat Pumps for Commercial/Industrial and Multifamily Buildings

HIGHMARK is focused on offering heat-pump solutions for the below two main categories in the program:

Subsequently, both of these segments are managed by Con Edison, which supplies the incentives.

New York City


Types & Rates of Incentives for Heat Pumps

The accompanying chart explains the heat-pump service options, the system descriptions and the different incentives that are available via rebates.

It breaks them down into three categories:

  • Space Heating
  • Water Heating
  • Combined (Space and Water Heating)
NYS chart explaining heat-pump incentive service options, system descriptions and amounts available


Incentive-Qualifying Heat Pumps

HIGHMARK offers numerous heat pumps that qualify for incentives in the three categories of space heating, water heating and combined (space and water heating).

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Incentive-Qualifying Heat Pumps

HIGHMARK offers many heat pumps qualifying for NYS Clean Heat Program incentives. To view the heat pumps, click below.

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We have all the heat pumps necessary for your commercial/industrial or multifamily job. Contact us to learn about significant heat-pump incentives in the NYS Clean Heat Program.


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