Commercial HVAC Service and Maintenance

Commercial HVAC Service and Maintenance for Greater New York City

To ensure your building is achieving peak performance, contact us today:

Rapid-Response, Emergency and Preventive HVAC Services

  • Responding quickly: HVAC emergencies can occur at any time. HIGHMARK is always available – 24/7/365 – to identify the problem and get your HVAC system fully operational as soon as possible. As members of Metal Trades Branch Local Union 638, our certified technicians are experts in their craft. They’re also always available to work around your schedule. Our team can be at your site on weekends, nights and holidays.
  • Resolving any issues: From complete system failures, to optimizing system performance, our service specialists will fix any issues and prevent future problems. With a full fleet of vehicles and technicians, we provide rapid response at any time throughout the greater New York City area.
  • Taking care of you: By reacting swiftly and working quickly, we save you money via eliminated facility downtime and reduced labor costs. What’s more, we place your safety above all else. To ensure your wellbeing, our certified technicians wear HIGHMARK-branded uniforms and drive branded fleet vehicles.
HIGHMARK HVAC Service & Maintenance

HIGHMARK’s factory-authorized technicians are available 24/7/365 to provide expert HVAC service and maintenance.

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To ensure your building is achieving peak performance via HVAC service and maintenance, contact us today.

Servicing Many Building Types in Greater New York City

HIGHMARK provides industry-leading HVAC service and maintenance to many building types, including:

  • Building types serviced: Commercial, corporate, multifamily, healthcare, hospitality, institutional, industrial, retail, government and education.

We work throughout the greater New York City area, with a focus on the below regions:

  • New York City: Manhattan (New York County), Bronx, Brooklyn (King County), Queens, Staten Island (Richmond County)
  • Long Island: Nassau County, Suffolk County
  • New York State: Westchester, Rockland, Putnam, Orange
  • New Jersey State: Sussex, Passaic, Bergen, Essex, Union, Morris, Warren, Hunterdon, Somerset, Middlesex, Mercer, Monmouth
HIGHMARK HVAC Service & Maintenance

We provide HVAC service and maintenance throughout the New York City metro area.

Factory-Authorized Technicians

  • Knowledgeable experts: HIGHMARK places great importance in the knowledge and expertise of our certified technicians. Therefore, we provide them with the latest in factory training, education and service for a wide range of HVAC equipment.
  • Constant training: We send our technicians to factory service training regularly, and provide them with the tools and support for any job. Additionally, we offer on-going, in-house training to maintain the technical proficiency and professional standards that our customers demand.

Working Around Your Schedule

  • Flexible and easy service: We know you’re running a business as well, so we operate around your schedule to reduce any interruptions. We seek to safeguard tenant safety and comfort, as well as avoid disruptions to critical building operations. Our goals are to mitigate problems and risk, and to make the service experience as streamlined and easy as possible.
HIGHMARK HVAC Service & Maintenance

Our technicians have the latest in factory training and education for a wide range of HVAC equipment.

Commercial HVAC Diagnostic and Repair Services

  • Factory-authorized technicians: Our HVAC field service professionals are factory-authorized and well-trained in providing technical support for most major brands of equipment.
  • Highly experienced team: We have a large support network that incorporates a team of experienced engineers, project managers, factory representatives and hands-on executives. This ensures that your systems are up and running as soon as possible.
  • The right solution, every time: Each technician is trained to rapidly, and accurately, diagnose system damage and errors. As a result, labor costs are reduced and we provide the right solution for your HVAC challenge every time.

4 Reasons for HVAC Service

Taking care of your building’s critical infrastructure will ensure your HVAC equipment is running at its peak.

Saving You Money via Preventive HVAC Maintenance

As soon as you start your new HVAC system, it begins to accumulate wear and tear. HIGHMARK Service & Maintenance allows you to schedule regular on-site visits to ensure your system is functioning as it should. Regular system maintenance allows you to save money by getting ahead of problems before they occur.

Common HVAC maintenance problems found by our team before serious issues arise include:

  • Identification of damaged parts before system failure
  • Optimization of system performance in heating and cooling to prevent breakdowns
  • Improvement of inefficiencies to bolster HVAC energy efficiency
  • Replacement of ventilation filters and cleaning of the system to enhance indoor air quality (IAQ)
  • Inspection of HVAC system functionality to extend its lifespan
HIGHMARK HVAC Service & Maintenance

Conducting preventive HVAC maintenance on a consistent basis results in significant cost savings.

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To ensure your building is achieving peak performance via HVAC service and maintenance, contact us today.

HIGHMARK HVAC Service & Maintenance


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