4 Reasons to Do HVAC Service Now to Prepare for Reopening

4 Reasons to Do HVAC Service Now to Prepare for Reopening

Apr 8, 2020 | Insights, White Papers

HVAC Service During the Lockdown: A Silver Lining

Commercial buildings in New York City are closed during the present Coronavirus (COVID-19) lockdown, but it doesn’t mean all activities need to cease. In fact, with buildings offline and free of occupants, this is the optimal time to conduct preventive HVAC service and maintenance in preparation for buildings coming back online.

In all likelihood, your building has never been disconnected in this manner. Therefore, getting ready now for your building to reopen will ensure equipment and systems will get up to speed quickly and reach peak performance as soon as possible. Essentially, performing HVAC service and maintenance now is a silver lining in the Coronavirus chaos.

With that, here are the four reasons to conduct commercial HVAC service and maintenance now in preparation for buildings reopening in New York City.

HIGHMARK Service & Maintenance

1) Set Your HVAC Service and Maintenance Strategy

With your commercial building offline at the moment, it’s important to create a strategic roadmap now to prepare for its reopening. Such a strategy can outline the critical HVAC infrastructure in your building and identify which systems need what type of support in the short-, medium- and long-term.

Indeed, this is the perfect time to craft the most effective strategy possible because your building will be starting again at the beginning. Look at this as an opportunity to do HVAC maintenance correct from the get-go by creating a solid strategic framework and foundation.

HVAC Service and Maintenance Strategy

2) Reopen Your Building Faster with an HVAC Check-Up

When the time comes for commercial buildings to reopen, it’s not as simple as flipping a switch. Getting HVAC equipment and systems up to speed can be a complex and time-consuming process. What’s more, if you’re not prepared, it can be drawn out with unforeseen delays.

Therefore, the better approach is to plan now for your building reopening to ensure it’s back online as fast as possible. This is possible with a full HVAC system check-up. Even though your building is closed, we can still get in there to perform this vital inspection.

The HVAC maintenance check-up includes the following actions, among others:

  • Conduct chiller service and maintenance
  • Check system thermostat settings
  • Tighten all electrical connections and measure voltage and current on motors
  • Lubricate any moving parts
  • Check and inspect condensate drains
  • Check system controls
  • Clean evaporator and condenser air-conditioning coils
  • Clean air ducts and vents
  • Check the central air-conditioner’s refrigerant level
  • Clean and adjust blower components for proper airflow
  • Check all fuel connections, gas pressure, burner combustion and the heat exchanger
  • Inspect, clean or change air filters
  • Clean and disinfect system components
HVAC Service and Maintenance System Check-Up

3) Avoid the Rush, Plan Now

Commercial buildings will reopen, and when they do, there will be a major rush to get their HVAC systems running again. For those who don’t plan, it will be a mad dash. When this happens, it will be difficult to schedule an appointment with an experienced technician to address your HVAC needs.

However, this doesn’t have to be the case for you if you plan. By preparing now for your building coming back online, you’ll be ahead of the game. Most importantly, your building will reopen sooner than the rest, and your tenants will thank you for it.

HVAC Service and Maintenance Planning

4) Maximize the Benefits of Preventive Maintenance

Did you know that HVAC preventive maintenance can cut energy costs by 40%? Further, regular system attention can reduce the risk of costly breakdowns by 95%. It can also extend the life of your system.

The key to achieving these results is to conduct consistent HVAC service and maintenance. A plan must be put in place and kept, and this is the time to get it done. The faster you act, the more money you’ll save and the longer your system will last.

HIGHMARK Service & Maintenance

In Summary

Even though commercial buildings are closed down in New York City, there’s no better time than now for HVAC service and maintenance. Taking care of your building’s critical infrastructure will help you get out ahead of other buildings in the city and get you back online faster. But, the time to act is now.

To set up a complimentary HVAC service and maintenance consultation, contact us at either (212) 920-4878 or [email protected]. To learn more, visit our HVAC service and maintenance page.

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Prepare for the reopening of your commercial building in New York City with a complimentary HVAC service and maintenance consultation. Contact us today to set that up.


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