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Pioneering innovative building-efficiency technologies since 2013

We support sustainability, electrification, decarbonization and cost savings in the NYC metro area via the best global building-efficiency technologies.

Pioneering Heat-Pump Technology Since 2013

Since 2013, we’ve pioneered the best and most innovative heat-pump technologies for commercial, office, industrial and high-rise multifamily buildings. Click below to learn more via an infographic.

The Heat Pumps You Need

We customize our heat pumps for every job, and they qualify for NYS Clean Heat Program commercial/industrial and multifamily incentives. Click below to learn more.

Major Heat-Pump Incentives

The NYS Clean Heat Program offers heat-pump incentives. All of our heat pumps qualify in the areas of commercial/industrial and multifamily. Click below to learn more.

The Best Technologies

We have all of the building-efficiency technologies you need to improve building electrification, decarbonization and cost savings. Click below to learn more.

PoolPak Indoor Pool Dehumidifiers

Poolrooms are full of indoor air contaminants, such as disinfectants and mold. Indoor pool dehumidifiers protect people’s health and the integrity of a building’s infrastructure.

SHARC Wastewater Energy Recovery

Vast sums are spent to heat water that gets dumped down the drain. SHARC technology recovers energy from wastewater for heating, cooling and domestic hot water.

Aermec Fan Coil Units

Aermec has a complete line of fan coil units for air conditioning. The systems come with brushless inverter motors and are available in various set-ups depending on the installation.

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Our technologies are customized for each job. Contact us for specifications and more information.

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