Aermec Fan Coil Units


A Complete Line of Fan Coil Units for Air Conditioning

Rich History of Innovative Design

Aermec’s rich history of innovation continues with its fan coil units. Highlights include:

  • Fan coil units come with brushless inverter motors and are available in various set-ups, depending on the installation position. The option of being ducted is also available.
  • They have ABS fans with an impeller equipped with an accessible airfoil and scroll fins. This feature, combined with the presence of the inverter motor, gives the machine a net reduction in the noise level. Additionally, this reduces the motor’s electrical consumption compared to traditional fans with a metal structure.
  • Units can be equipped with a single/double heat-exchange coil (2/4 pipe system), with 3/4 rows, depending on the model.
  • They can also be equipped with valve packages and multiple accessories.

Leading the Market in Benefits

Aermec fan coil units offer an array of benefits, such as:

  • Fan unit with brushless motor (continuous 0-100% speed variation)
  • Full compliance with accident-prevention standards
  • Single-side access, coil and control panel
  • ETL Certification
  • Quiet operation
  • Ease of installation and maintenance
  • Vertical or horizontal installation
  • Air filter that’s easy to remove and clean
  • Removable fan shrouds for easy, effective cleaning
  • Water connections can be reversed during installation phase

Aermec Fan Coil Units - Quietest in the World

Quietest Fan Coils in the World

Aermec’s state-of-the-art design focuses primarily on acoustics. This high-priority design focus has enabled Aermec to produce the quietest fan coils in the world. When tested against other units available in the NYC market, building owners have recognized up to a 20 A-weighted decibel (dBA) reduction. This noise-level decrease occurred when comparing similar-capacity units running at high speed.

Low-Height Fan Coil Design

Aermec horizontal-style fan coil units can be implemented with an installed height of 8.5”. This is inclusive of valve packages and an auxiliary drain, making it the lowest-height fan coil on the market.

High-Quality Manufacturing

All Aermec fan coils are constructed in the company’s ISO 9001 certified state-of-the-art manufacturing plant. The process is completely automated, which enhances quality and eliminates consistency problems that plague many other manufacturers. Aermec products are completely Eurovent and ETL certified to meet specified performance levels.



  • Cooling capacity: 0.28 to 2.2 tons
  • Heating capacity: 8,900 to 58,000 BTU/hr
  • Floor, ceiling or duct installation


  • Cooling capacity: 0.42 to 2.1 tons
  • Heating capacity: 11,600 to 51,200 BTU/hr
  • The inverter modulation fan coils for heating, cooling and dehumidifying can be installed on 2/4 pipe systems and combined with any heat source
Aemec - Fan Coil Units (FCX)


  • Cooling capacity: 0.54 to 1.1 tons
  • Heating capacity: 8,200 to 17,400 BTU/hr
  • Fan coils for wall installation
  • Designed for air treatment in ON/OFF systems in the residential or commercial sector
Aemec - Fan Coil Units (FCW)


  • Cooling capacity: 3 tons
  • Heating capacity: 74,000 BTU/hr
  • Fan coils for cassette installation
  • Designed for air treatment in inverter modulation systems in the commercial or industrial sector
Aemec - Fan Coil Units (FCLI US)


  • Cooling capacity: 0.53 to 5.1 tons
  • Heating capacity: 17,200 to 124,500 BTU/hr 
  • The wall/ceiling fan coils for air treatment of ducted systems, either on/off or inverter, for commercial or industrial use
Aemec - Fan Coil Units (VED US)