SHARC Wastewater Energy Recovery

Turning Wastewater
Into Opportunity

SHARC Energy Systems

Wastewater: An Unconventional, Often Overlooked, Source of Energy Savings

Every day, we spend vast sums of money to heat water that gets wastefully dumped down the drain. Worse yet, we then spend more energy heating cold water – we need to stop this senseless cycle of waste. Most people don’t even think about this, and are often surprised to hear there is a solution.

That’s where SHARC comes in. The technology recovers otherwise-discharged energy from wastewater for heating, cooling and hot water. This process saves substantial amounts of energy and money.



1) Industry-leading return on investment (ROI)

  • Outstanding payback, especially with hotter liquids
  • Reduce capital costs and peak load requirements of other equipment
  • Avoid paying peak energy rates by intelligently preheating
  • Highly efficient use of real estate, square footage = $
  • Avoid hot wastewater temperature fines
  • Carbon and tax credits are a new global currency

2) Tremendous reliability

  • Superior high-volume wastewater filtration
  • Game-changing low maintenance
  • Remotely managed and monitored
  • Robust design and 25+ year lifespan
  • Proactive maintenance alerts

3) Instant reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions

  • Wastewater heat recovery is critical for achieving a net-zero carbon footprint
  • Earn significant points on your sustainable building project (LEED, Green Globes)
  • Supplements other clean-energy infrastructure
  • Avoid unnecessary power generation
  • Optimize resource consumption for future generations

4) Measurable results

  • Get accurate power consumption stats
  • Calculate your GHG savings / GHG emission reductions

5) Unparalleled support

  • Guaranteed installation and operational success

How SHARC Technology Works

Before SHARC

Massive amounts of energy and money are discarded down the drain with wastewater – and lost forever.

SHARC - How It Works (BEFORE)


A SHARC or PIRANHA Series – depending on your needs – is installed where wastewater exits, extracting and transferring heat to a holding tank that feeds your boiler.

By preheating the water fed to your hot water tank/boiler, it doesn’t have to work as hard to heat the water. This process saves significant amounts of energy and money, and seriously cuts down on GHG emissions.

In addition, if you need cooling, the PIRANHA Series can simultaneously dump heat into wastewater to reduce air conditioning requirements.

SHARC - How It Works (AFTER)


SHARC Series

Industrial-Sized Wastewater Heat Recovery and Filtration

  • Filters large volumes of wastewater to provide energy to heat, cool and meet hot water demands
  • Using patent-pending filtration, the SHARC is designed to handle higher volumes of wastewater
  • It can seamlessly fit into just about any condenser water system, and it provides a more optimal temperature range for increased system efficiency
  • Applications: large commercial, mixed-use, industrial
SHARC Series Wastewater Energy Recovery

Key Features

  • Patent-pending, high-efficiency filtration system
  • Sizes range from 6 to 12 inch piping (100 to 1,600 GPM)
  • Chain units together to suit larger flow rates
  • Pair with a heat pump to amplify heat transfer
  • DDC control system with touch screen control, remote monitoring, data trending and email alerts (Modbus standard and BACnet integration available)
  • Temperature sensors, pressure sensors and flow meters are included
  • Automated reversing valves control back flush, keeping the heat exchanger operating at design parameters


All-in-One With Heating and Cooling

  • The PIRANHA Series is a packaged heat pump water heater that uses raw wastewater as the thermal energy source
  • As the SHARC Series’ smaller cousin, the PIRANHA Series is an all-in-one powerhouse that can perform simultaneous heating and cooling
  • Applications: mixed commercial/residential, multifamily, hotel and hospitality, breweries, community activity centers, hospitals

Key Features

  • Simultaneous heating and cooling utilizing wastewater
  • Efficiencies as high as 800%
  • All-in-one unit, includes custom heat exchanger
  • Can chain multiple units together
  • Remotely monitored and managed
  • Quiet operation
  • Odor-free
  • Optimized for multifamily residential and commercial applications

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