Insights: Build-on-Site Pool Room Dehumidification System Realizes Major Savings

By utilizing the PoolPak® Build-on-Site™ installation program for pool-room dehumidification systems, HIGHMARK-NY saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in avoided construction costs.

Working within an extremely tight space, HIGHMARK built on site a PoolPak® pool-room dehumidification system in a high-rise condo in the Upper East Side, New York City – in just three days. Each section was brought in through standard 30″ doors, up a narrow staircase and around existing equipment, and then assembled. No walls were removed, the building’s infrastructure remained fully intact and no rigging was necessary – all without interrupting building operations. By avoiding so many unnecessary construction costs, the result was major savings for HIGHMARK’s customer.

PoolPak® offers a variety of pool-room dehumidification selection options to meet the needs of all indoor pools and natatoriums. For this specific project, the PoolComPak™ series was used, which is a packaged system delivering dehumidification, air and pool-water heating, ventilation and air conditioning in a single unit. The system enhances indoor air quality (IAQ) in the pool room and improves occupant comfort while providing natatorium dehumidification.

In addition, by optimizing energy efficiency via heat recovery and economizers, PoolPak® systems always use the least amount of energy possible, generating energy savings of 40-60% over conventional options. 

 What’s more, PoolPak® systems are user-friendly, dependable and require minimal maintenance since they practically run themselves and are designed specifically for the harsh environment of indoor pools. Therefore, the system installed in this project will deliver consistent customer satisfaction and low upkeep costs over the long-term.

Location: Application: Project type: Technologies: Project size: Year of completion:
High-rise condo building in the Upper East Side, New York City High-rise residential
  • Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing (MEP)
  • Engineering
  • Pool-room dehumidification
  • Natatorium dehumidification
  • Indoor-pool dehumidification
  • Heat recovery
  • 191-unit, 44-story, high-rise residential building
  • 850 square-foot swimming pool


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