NIMBUS Adiabatic Fluid Cooler


Reduce Water Consumption and Bacterial Growth in Cooling Systems

Preserve Water, Health and Energy


NIMBUS hybrid adiabatic cooling systems are unlike traditional cooling towers. NIMBUS products eliminate standing water in favor of a fully closed coolant path. They also use intermittent fresh water to augment the system’s cooling capacity, only on the hottest days. Hybrid adiabatic cooling technology preserves water, health and energy, and significantly reduces operating costs. In fact, the NIMBUS VIRGA III reduces average water consumption by up to 90%.

Reduce Bacterial Growth and Legionella

NIMBUS systems also reduce bacterial growth. Hybrid adiabatic cooling technology was created in Europe in response to widespread regulations aimed at preventing Legionnaires’ disease. This is achieved by replacing traditional evaporative cooling towers, one of the most common breeding grounds for Legionella.

Innovative Adiabatic Cooling System

The adiabatic cooling system releases a fine water spray into the air prior to the air being pulled over the copper cooling tubes. This lowers the air temperature and increases the heat rejection capacity of the unit. The control system cycles individual fans as dictated by process water temperature, and activates the water spray when required. During the colder months, water spray activation is not required and the unit operates as a dry air cooler. The result is the elimination of sump freezing and dangerous ice buildup common with traditional cooling towers.

Efficient and Sustainable Cooling Technology

Virga III

NIMBUS hybrid adiabatic cooling systems provide efficient, natural and sustainable cooling technology for virtually any application. This enables the systems to offer numerous environmental and economic benefits:

  • Significant water conservation vs. traditional cooling tower systems
  • Decreased Legionella and bacterial risks, thus minimizing the occurrence of Legionnaires’ disease
  • Reduced need for chemical use and disposal
  • Virtually maintenance-free, thus making obsolete the costly maintenance programs of traditional evaporative cooling towers
  • Quick installation
  • No water collection pool or basin to clean
  • Engineered to last, resulting in years of efficient cooling
  • Stainless-steel and copper construction
  • Decreased footprint compared to traditional dry coolers
  • Corrosion-resistant copper tubing
  • Diminished energy consumption via energy-efficient variable speed fans
  • Substantially lower operating costs



The VIRGA III hybrid process cooler is designed to cool process cooling fluid using a combination of fans and a water spray. The VIRGA III is designed to maintain a consistent temperature at the designated set point. When the temperature of the process fluid rises above the set point, the first fan will turn on and begin cooling the fluid. If the fluid temperature continues to rise, the next fan will turn on.

If the fans are sufficient to cool the process fluid to the set point, the fans will begin to turn off one by one as the temperature drops. Only if the ambient air temperature around the VIRGA III becomes too high, and the fans cannot reject enough heat, will the VIRGA III spray water to cool the air around the tower and provide additional heat rejection.

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