News and Events: NAPHN
New York 2019

Working to create sustainable, post-carbon, all-renewable energy future – supported by buildings that are efficient, comfortable, affordable, resilient and healthy – NAPHN 2019 New York

The North American Passive House Network (NAPHN) is leading the transformation of the building industry to low-energy, high-performance Passive House design and construction. They support the widespread adoption of the international Passive House design and construction standards, building science principles and protocols. Through NAPHN New York 2019, many different aspects of the building design process are brought together to learn how to create an energy efficient future.

A non-profit educational organization – NAPHN’s work is internationally recognized. NAPHN is focused on the inflection point between policy and implementation. They partner with leading stakeholders across all building sectors, including: governments, professional associations, manufacturers, owners, builders, labor organizations, and educational institutions – to make the transformation complete.

HIGHMARK-NY’s Richard Gerbe was invited to be a conference presenter at NAPHN New York 2019 on the topic of Heat Pumps: Hot Water and Space Conditioning Join the Decarbonization Battle.  Space conditioning and domestic hot water are significant producers of building carbon emissions. Today we can move away from fossil fuels with electrification and green grids, and toward higher efficiencies with heat pump technology. Heat pump utilization is rapidly growing in Passive House construction.  The presentation focused on the latest developments in heat pump technology, practical applications of the technology, and how these systems can be integrated in Passive House buildings to optimize performance.  You can learn more about NAPHN and Passive House certification by visiting the NAPHN conference website.

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