Insights: SHARC Energy Systems

PIRANHA™ Wastewater Heat Recovery System

The PiranhaTM is a self-contained thermal energy recovery system specifically designed to heat domestic hot water by recovering energy contained in wastewater that would otherwise be lost down the drain. Benefits include:

• Delivers 80% of domestic hot water heating load
• ROI in 4-7 years
• Environmentally friendly heating – supporting carbon-free initiatives
• Cut CO2 emissions by up to 500 kg per person, per year
• Available in sizes of 3-15 nominal tons
• Vibration isolation gaskets and compressor noise suppression for quiet operation
• Low maintenance, self-cleaning and odor-free

Why Recover Energy from Going Down the Drain?

Wastewater is a constant and inexhaustible resource that contains a significant amount of thermal energy – more than the quantities in other sources, such as well water and geothermal. Across North America and Europe, 8.7 billion
gallons of wastewater is discharged daily. This resource of thermal energy has the potential to replace 1.5 billion MWh of natural gas consumption used to provide domestic hot water and space conditioning.

SHARC Energy Systems Equipment Info

The SHARC system exchanges energy with wastewater that would otherwise be neglected. The result is a limitless supply of thermal energy available for space conditioning and domestic hot water heating. The SHARC system is suitable
for multi-unit residential, commercial buildings and district energy systems.
As a result, access to wastewater’s thermal energy is now possible, leading to:
• Recover waste heat and provide highly efficient heating and cooling to individual buildings.
• Adopt a wider view of a city‘s sewage infrastructure and utilize the sewage system to develop a new geothermal source of energy

SHARC Wastewater Energy Exchange System

The SHARC system is a turnkey solution for exchanging thermal energy with  wastewater – a geothermal resource that is a tremendous source of energy for space  conditioning and domestic water heating. The SHARC system is suitable for a broad range of applications, including multiunit residential, commercial and district energy systems. Benefits include:

  • Energy savings and a primary energy cost reduction of 30-85%
  • Reduce building CO2 and GHG emissions
  • Easy to install into new and existing infrastructures
  • Trouble-free operation and maintenance with a long product lifecycle
  • LEED® points toward your sustainable design.
  • Available in sizes of 100-1500 GPM and multiples of those sizes to fit your flow requirements
  • Factory pre-wired DDC control system with proprietary software and touchscreen control
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UPCOMING! BuildingEnergy NYC 2019

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