Climate Week NYC 2021: Building Efficiency to the Rescue

Climate Week NYC 2021: Building Efficiency to the Rescue

Sep 20, 2021 | Blog Posts, Insights

The theme of Climate Week NYC 2021 is “Getting It Done.” In that spirit, we’ve compiled key building-efficiency resources to support our combined efforts to save the planet.

Climate Week NYC 2021

“Getting It Done” for Climate Week

During Climate Week NYC 2021, the theme is “Getting It Done.” Consequently, this is an extremely relevant topic to focus on since the climate is hurting and we’re running out of time to find a solution. As a result, we must come together and act now.

Supporting the Climate Since 2013

Being there for the environment and climate isn’t something new for us. As such, HIGHMARK was founded in 2013 with a mission to support building sustainability, electrification, decarbonization and cost savings. Subsequently, we utilize the best global building-efficiency technologies in the New York City metro area to support our mission.

Climate Week NYC 2021

Building-Efficiency Resources

Therefore, in the spirit of “getting it done,” we’ve compiled the below resources that shed light on how building efficiency supports the climate. Thus, the idea is to offer insights on this topic to help our shared effort to save the planet.

Why Building Efficiency Matters

Learn the five reasons why building efficiency matters in our quest to support the climate.

Heat-Pump Water Heaters Support Sustainability

Understand why heat-pump water heaters play a crucial role in supporting the environment.

Modular Chillers Enhance Efficiency

See how the installation of modular chillers in a New York City multifamily supports sustainability.

Heat Pumps Support Electrification

Find out why heat pumps must be at the center of NYC’s efforts to electrify buildings and support the climate.

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