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The Definitive Guide to Water Filtration for Mechanical Systems

On-Demand Webinar | Definitive Guide to Water Filtration for Mechanical Systems

May 21, 2021 | Insights, On Demand

Webinar Overview

Topic: This presentation builds a clear and concise data-backed guide for building professionals to select the appropriate water-filtration technology for their mechanical system. This will ensure efficient, sustainable and code-compliant operation.

Date of recording: October 2, 2020

Learning objectives:

  • Compare and contrast available water-filtration technologies available on the market
  • Understand both the energy- and water-efficiency implications of the technology
  • Learn how to select the right water-filtration technology for a specific application
  • Discuss NYC code implications and compliance with NYC Local Law 77 (LL77)

Presenter: Joseph Schmitz, Partner and Vice President, Design and Construction, HIGHMARK

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