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Fall 2020: Back to School

Webinar Series

Efficiency Online | Fall 2020: Back to School | Webinar Series

Sep 10, 2020 | News and Events, Webinars

HIGHMARK | Efficiency Online | Webinar Series

Fall 2020: Back to School | Webinar Series

Overview: School is in session for HIGHMARK’s latest Efficiency Online webinar series, “Fall 2020: Back to School.” We’re covering a variety of topics centered on improving building efficiency, sustainability, electrification, decarbonization and cost savings.

When: Starting the third week of September 2020, we have webinars scheduled throughout the month and into October. We’re offering multiple days and times to provide you with flexibility.

Registration: View and register for all the webinars by clicking here: Fall 2020: Back to School | Webinar Series

Cost: All webinars are free of charge.

PDH credits: Many of the webinars will be approved for one PDH credit. To learn more, visit the registration page of each webinar.

Presenters: All presenters are HIGHMARK staff.

Webinar Lineup

  • Rethinking Boiler Efficiency: The Facts About Condensing vs. Near-Condensing (9/15, 10 AM ET; 9/16, 7:30 AM ET; 9/21, 2 PM ET; 9/29, 2 PM ET)
  • Intro to Heat-Pump Water Heaters (9/15, 2 PM ET; 9/23, 10 AM ET)
  • Advanced Heat-Pump Water Heater Design (9/18, 10 AM ET; 9/23, 2 PM ET)
  • Natatorium Dehumidification Design (9/16, 10 AM ET; 9/29, 10 AM ET)
  • Adiabatic Dry Coolers: The Water-Efficient Alternative to Cooling Towers (9/16, 2 PM ET; 9/21, 10 AM ET; 9/30, 7:30 AM ET)
  • Office of the Future: 4 Strategies for an Efficient and Safe Environment (9/18, 12 PM ET; 9/30, 10 AM ET)
  • Rethinking DOAS: Innovative Strategies to Increase Energy Efficiency (9/23, 7:30 AM ET; 9/25, 12 PM ET; 9/30, 2 PM ET)
  • RenewAire New Products and CORES Training (9/25, 10 AM ET; 10/5, 2 PM ET)
  • The Definitive Guide to Water Filtration for Mechanical Systems (10/2, 10 AM ET; 10/7, 7:30 AM ET)
  • Plumbers’ Blueprint for Point-Of-Entry Water Filtration and Rainwater Harvesting (10/2, 12 PM ET; 10/7, 10 AM ET)
  • Condenser Water Quality Monitoring in the Age of COVID-19 (10/5, 10 AM ET)

View & Register for Webinars

View and register for all the webinars in the latest Efficiency Online series, “Fall 2020: Back to School,” by clicking below.

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