Air-Water-or-Geothermal-to-Domestic-Water Heat Pumps for Water Heating

Water Heating via Heat Pumps

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Air-Water-or-Geothermal-to-Domestic-Water Heat Pumps for Water Heating

Air-water-or-geothermal-to-domestic-water heat pumps are also referred to as heat-pump water heaters (HPWHs). They gather heat from the surrounding air or from water and deposit the heat into water at a usable temperature for water heating.

Details include:

  • Various sizes: modular designs and residential units available
  • Low-ambient operation
  • Output water to greater than 140°F
  • Water storage allows for reduced installed tonnages
  • Domestic hot water (DHW) is the last apparatus requiring gas in Passive House buildings
  • Gains in overall building efficiency mean DHW is now the largest consumer of energy in a building, which can be reduced via air-to-water heat pumps


Colmac CxA – Modular Air-Source Heat-Pump Water Heater

  • Next generation of air-source heat pumps from Colmac WaterHeat
  • Models include compressors from 10 to 30 hp, with optional VFDs to provide turndown and soft-start capabilities
  • ECM propeller fans come standard, with optional ECM plenum fans that can accommodate up to 3″ of external static pressure
  • Modifications to the refrigeration circuit allow the CxA to operate with air temperatures 10°F lower than HPA units
  • CxA units are modular with a taller profile and reduced footprint design – CxA-10 and -15 models are designed to fit through a standard 36″ door and inside most elevators for easier installation, particularly in retrofits
  • CxA units require no service clearance on the sides, allowing them to be placed next to each other in arrays of up to eight units
  • Slide-out drawers allow for in-place servicing of the refrigeration components
  • Individual unit controllers can interconnect via ethernet to perform their own staging, run-time balancing and BMS communications
  • To improve COPs and hot water output, the CxA series has a completely redesigned defrost system
  • Hot-gas defrost has been added to the evaporator, cutting defrost times to mere minutes
  • New intelligent defrost controls monitor operating conditions so units only go into defrost mode when necessary
Colmac CxA – Modular Air Source HPWHs

Colmac CxV – Low-Temp Air-Source Heat-Pump Water Heater

  • Single model featuring a 5-hp compressor, propeller fan and PLC controls
  • Using vapor injection technology, the CxV is capable of producing 140°F water at 10°F ambient air
  • The unit can continue to operate down to -4°F, producing 120°F water
  • The CxV utilizes the same intelligent-defrost control and hot-gas defrost that was developed on the new CxA series, improving hot water output, minimizing defrost cycles and maximizing COPs
  • As with all Cx series units, individual CxV unit controllers can interconnect (up to 8 units) to perform staging, runtime balancing and BMS communications
  • Swing-out door allows for excellent access to all internal components
  • Features external high- and low-pressure measurement ports

              Colmac CxW Series – Modular, Water-Source Heat-Pump Water Heater

              • Use energy collected from a fluid stream to heat domestic water to temperatures up to 185ºF
              • The source fluid can be any filtered, non-corrosive, pressurized stream of liquid at temperatures as low as 50°F
              • CxW modules can be arranged in banks to meet any capacity requirement
              • PLC interconnectivity allows multiple units to act as a single machine
              • Fits through a standard 36″ door, making it ideal for retrofits and high-rise applications
              • Also stackable, doubling the capacity per square foot
                          Colmac CxW Series – Modular, Water-Source Heat-Pump Water Heater

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