Aquanomix Rainwater Harvesting and Stormwater Control

A Single Source for Water Conservation and Reuse in Many Applications 


The World Has a Water Shortage

Without water, life would not exist. It is a prerequisite for all human and economic development. Yet today, 780 million people worldwide lack access to clean water. While there are more than 326 million trillion gallons of water on Earth, only 3% is fresh water, and of that amount, more than two-thirds is locked up in ice caps and glaciers. So what seems to be in abundance is actually not; only 1% of the earth’s surface water is suitable for use. As engineers and stewards of the environment, it’s important to design systems with electrical efficiency but also be mindful of water conservation.

New York City’s Unique Water Challenge

Each year more than 27 billion gallons of raw sewage and polluted stormwater discharge out of 460 combined sewage overflows (CSOs) into the waterways surrounding New York City. The main cause is an antiquated and overtaxed sewer system, which combines sewage from buildings with stormwater runoff. As little as one-twelfth of an inch of rain can overload the NYC sewer system and cause an overflow. This extraordinary degree of pollution imposes steep environmental, human health and economic costs.

Rainwater Harvesting and Stormwater Control

Aquanomix is the Best Choice for Rainwater Harvesting

Safe water means a healthy society. That is why a solution that combines water conservation and stormwater control is so important. The Aquanomix system combines a customizable engineered system that includes all necessary mechanical equipment, sensors, water treatment and controls to not only make rainwater fit for reuse but to also intelligently control stormwater.

Single-Source Control for Efficiency

The control of a building’s non-potable water sources ensures that the earth’s most precious resource is consumed in the most environmentally conscience manner. Aquanomix’s all-encompassing pre-engineered solutions offer a single source of responsibility minimizing cross trade confusion and oversight.

Rainwater Harvesting Process

Pre-Engineered Treatment Skids

Pre-engineered solutions are designed to take the guesswork out of rain and gray water harvesting and reuse. Aquanomix provides a complete system with the equipment and controls necessary to make rain and gray water fit for reuse in a building.

Active Stormwater Control

Aquanomix’s advanced analytical controller intelligently monitors storage tank levels while sensing weather conditions and monitoring the NOAA weather services in real time. The result is an advanced system that maximizes the amount of water available for reuse while concurrently ensuring the tank is ready to accept maximum stormwater volume when the next rainstorm is imminent. Through active stormwater control and rainwater reuse, Aquanomix provides a sound solution to New York City’s stormwater system obstacles.

Aquanomix Rainwater Harvesting Pre-Engineered Skid

Modular Detention Tanks by HIGHMARK

HIGHMARK’s modular fiberglass water tanks are the perfect solution for NYC DEP stormwater detention requirements. In order to comply with the stringent code, custom concrete or steel tanks are typically required. These tanks can be costly and difficult to fabricate. Fiberglass modular tanks solve this problem by streamlining the production process, which creates a more cost-effective solution that is flexible enough for any building. Our detention tanks are also pretreated with an antimicrobial agent that helps reduce bio-film growth inside the tanks.

Modular Detention Tanks

Case Study: Rainwater Harvesting

Read how rainwater harvesting and stormwater control implemented at Cornell Tech’s Bloomberg Center impoved water conservation and helped achieve LEED status.


Rainwater Harvesting, Stormwater Control and Water Reuse System

Numerous Water Reuse Capabilities

Aquanomix’s treatment skids are engineered to filter and disinfect harvested rainwater, greywater, foundation water, storm water and process water for reuse in cooling towers, toilets, irrigation makeup and other water needs. 

Aquanomix Rainwater Harvesting and Stormwater Control

Many Benefits and Features

All components are skid-mounted, pre-wired, pre-piped and sized to meet project parameters. The standard treatment skid includes a centrifugal separator and a bag filter for filtration, and an ultraviolet lamp for disinfection. Filtration and disinfection techniques can be customized as needed. Aquanomix also offers additional system options, such as a cistern, a booster pump, hydropneumatic tank selection and sourcing services and controls system upgrades. It is compatible to enable easy integration with building management systems. Further, the system employs environmentally-sensitive technologies such as ultraviolet disinfection and filtration.

Aquanomix Rainwater Harvesting and Stormwater Control

Digital Control System

Aquanomix skids feature a controls system to monitor onboard diagnostics and integrate with an existing building management system. The controls system comes with a programmable touchscreen and remote access capability via an internet connection.


Aquanomix Rainwater Harvesting and Stormwater Control

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