Water-or-Geothermal-to-Water Heat Pumps for Space Heating

Space Heating via Heat Pumps


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Water-or-Geothermal-to-Water Heat Pumps for Space Heating

Water-or-geothermal-to-water heat pumps extract heat from a flowing source of low-temperature water. They then deliver that heat to another, higher-temperature water stream for space heating.

Details include:

  • Various sizes: individual unit sizing 3-300 tons
  • Ambient conditions do not impact operation
  • 4-pipe configuration: heating/cooling operation via 2 pipes (changeover heating/cooling) + 2 pipes connected to source
  • 6-pipe configuration: simultaneous heating and cooling operation via 4-pipe configuration (dedicated cooling and heating piping) + 2 pipes connected to sources
Aermec Heat Pump Water to Water


Aermec NXP

  • Simultaneous heating and cooling heat pump
  • Cooling: 31 – 129 tons
  • Heating: 398,000 – 1,655,000 Btu/h
  • 6-pipe, water-to-water simultaneous heating and cooling for indoor installation
  • Suitable for simultaneous and independent production of hot and cold water
  • COPs as high as 9
Aermec NXP

Aermec NXW

  • Reversible water-to-water heat pump or chiller for indoor installation
  • Cooling: 31 – 139 tons
  • Heating: 388,000 – 1,684,000 Btu/h
  • Suitable for medium-sized services in residential and commercial applications
  • Optional 100% heat recovery or desuperheater providing 40% heat recovery
Aermec NXW

Aermec WRL

  • Water-to-water heat pump or chiller for indoor installation
  • Cooling: 15 – 27 tons
  • Heating: 186,000 – 319,540 Btu/h
  • Suitable for air conditioning and heating for small and medium applications in residential and commercial buildings
Aermec WRL

Aermec WWM

  • Modular water-to-water heat pump or chiller for indoor installation
  • Cooling: 31 tons (per module)
  • The modules can be linked together side by side, back to back and stacked to reach a capacity of 960 tons
  • No clearance is required on the top, sides or back
Aermec WWM

Aermec WRK

  • Reversible water-to-water heat pump
  • Cooling: 125,000 – 538,000 Btu/h
  • Heating: 157,000 – 674,000 Btu/h
  • For indoor installation designed to produce high-temperature water up to 154°F
  • The unit is a heat pump on the refrigerant side and is considered to be the replacement of a boiler
Aermec WRK

Aermec WWB

  • High-temperature heat pump
  • Heating: 220,000 – 852,000 Btu/h
  • Operates in heating-only mode and is used to increase the outlet water temperature produced by a conventional heat pump to a temperature up to 176°F
  • For use in all applications that demand high water temperatures
Aermec WWB

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