NAPHN Passive House 2020: Heat Pumps are Everywhere

NAPHN Passive House 2020: Heat Pumps are Everywhere

Jul 13, 2020 | Events, News and Events

Session Spotlight: Heat Pumps and Passive House

The North American Passive House Network (NAPHN) Passive House 2020 virtual conference unites the world’s best thought leaders to discuss how to achieve the rigorous standard. A key component of Passive House design is utilizing heat pumps, and one of the event’s main sessions addresses this topic. On July 15, 1-2 pm ET, HIGHMARK’s Richard Gerbe will co-present in, “Heat Pumps Are Everywhere: Critical Data & Applications in the Passive House Context.”

What the Session Will Address

The session description is as follows: “Heat pumps are quickly emerging as a potentially game-changing component in our struggle to decarbonize building operations. Yet, the equipment and its usage in Passive House buildings are not necessarily, automatically, compatible with each other. The Passive House Institute has applied the same scientific rigor to evaluating heat-pump performance as it has ventilation machines and window units. Find out the performance specifications and best practices for installation, to maximize your next project’s climate impact.”

NAPHN Passive House 2020

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