Services: Engineers


At the core of HIGHMARK is our team of highly qualified engineers from top-tier universities. Through our numerous years of experience, we offer consultative services to any design teams utilizing equipment represented through our HIGHMARK stream. Our knowledgeable team is available to do everything from reviewing drawings, systems and specifications to ensuring the proper product is selected for the application.


Due to requests from our clients, we’ve developed numerous training programs for systems ranging from basic HVAC to complex systems and energy procurement. Many of these courses are certified through the Practicing Institute of Engineering (PIE) for professional development hours (PDH). To coordinate a training course or speaking engagement, please contact us.


We know which products make the most sense for each job. We’re well-versed in the best and most innovative products and technologies needed to ensure optimal efficiency and reliability in building operations. This translates into the right products, the right sizing and the right implementation every time.

Here’s how we’re able to meet the needs of engineers:

  • Extensive experience, knowledge and expertise: Using our combined 25-plus years in the HVAC industry, we know what works and what doesn’t, we understand the ins and outs of each product and we know which ones are best for the specific job.
  • Highly vetted products: We search the world for the best and most innovative HVAC products and technologies and put them through a comprehensive vetting process to ensure high quality and reliability.
  • Right products, sizing and implementation: Our extensive experience, knowledge and expertise translates into the right products, the right sizing and the right implementation for every job.
  • Hub for the world’s best products and technologies: We’ve searched the world for the best and most innovative HVAC products and technologies on the market today so that our clients can access them in one central location.
  • Focused on efficiency: All of our equipment and technologies are focused on the primary goal of enabling buildings to operate as efficiently as possible.
  • Reduced energy use and costs: Due to the ultra efficiency of our highly vetted products and technologies, energy use and costs will be significantly reduced.
  • Brand-agnostic: We’re not married to any particular brand so we can recommend the best product for the job.
  • Substantial reliability: One of the main reasons we’ve selected these products and technologies from across the world is because of their substantial reliability.
  • Cost-effective: Not only are our products and technologies highly efficient and reliable, they’re also extremely cost-effective.
  • Robust global team: We lead a global team of hundreds the most qualified and innovative HVAC professionals in the industry, spanning multiple continents – from the Americas to Europe to Asia.


With over 25 years of combined experience as HVAC sales engineers, we know what engineers need and how best to address their pain points. That’s why we created HIGHMARK with the explicit goal of providing the best, most innovative and efficiency-focused building products and technologies to engineers.