Services: Building Owners


By understanding how buildings actually operate, as well as the complexity of the energy-procurement process, HIGHMARK develops and engineers solutions that are tailored specifically for building owners in order to maximize ROI and minimize capital expenditures.


Running a large commercial building can be expensive, time-consuming and complicated, and we want to make the process as easy, cost-effective and efficient as possible. We’ve searched the world for HVAC products and technologies that maximize efficiencies, use minimal energy and generate significant savings. We’ll provide you with the necessary support and consultations to save you both time and money.

Here’s how we’re able to meet the needs of building owners:

Extensive experience, knowledge and expertise: Using our combined 25-plus years in the HVAC industry, we know what works and what doesn’t, we understand the ins and outs of each product and we know which ones are best for the specific job.
Hub for the world’s best products and technologies: We’ve searched the world for the best and most innovative HVAC products and technologies on the market today so that our clients can access them in one central location.
Focus on efficiency: All of our products and technologies are focused on a primary goal of enabling buildings to operate as efficiently as possible.
Reduced energy use and costs: Due to the ultra efficiency of our highly vetted products and technologies, energy use and costs will be significantly reduced.
Cost-effective: Not only are our products and technologies highly efficient and reliable, they’re also extremely cost-effective.
Robust global team: We lead a global team of hundreds the most qualified and innovative HVAC professionals in the industry, spanning multiple continents – from the Americas to Europe to Asia.


  • Efficiency Consulting: We can supply new and existing buildings complete turnkey solutions. Our design professionals are available to develop projects that reduce operating costs while minimizing capital expenditures, effectively maximizing ROI.
  • Project Assessment and Development: By performing efficiency-focused project evaluations, design analysis and performance simulations for both new and existing buildings, HIGHMARK develops efficient systems that save time and money.
  • Construction Management: We can manage an entire construction project from top to bottom, ensuring the highest quality and operational efficiency possible.
  • Building Load Deferment: Our Building Load Deferment (BLD) is an innovative method of controlling the way your building consumes energy. Focusing on the largest user of energy in your building, the HVAC system, BLD positions your building to dynamically evolve with changing energy markets. Through utilization of ice storage technology, real-time analytical control and advanced energy procurement, BLD shifts energy consumption in response to changes in the cost of energy. The result is a dynamic system that drives significant savings and increases demand-response payments without sacrifice to building comfort or processes.
  • Chiller Plant Analytics and Optimization: Proprietary, cloud-based technology developed by Entic integrates with all standard building management systems (BMSs) and HVAC infrastructures to provide a common, comprehensive and unbiased window into a central HVAC plant’s condition and performance. These tools allow owners and vendor teams to work together to dramatically lower a facility’s average kilowatt per ton (kW/ton) usage, achieving unprecedented performance and economy.
  • Demand Response: By responding to ConEdison and NYISO load-relief programs, you can turn your building into a virtual power plant, and earn payments at the same time. We focus on making participation in demand response as simple as possible. We work with you to design a customized energy curtailment plan to reduce non-essential energy use during critical periods throughout the year. We maximize your curtailment potential while minimizing impact on day-to-day operations. In exchange for your participation, you’ll get paid for the energy you don’t use.
  • Rainwater Reuse Design: Water efficiency is a key component to streamlined building operations that save energy and costs, and we can design and implement the best and most effective rainwater reuse system for your building.
  • Airborne Infection Control: Hospitals are breeding grounds for dangerous bacteria, such as MRSA, and one of the best ways to remove such bacteria is through air-treatment technology that destroys the smallest – and most dangerous – particles and contaminants.